Comparison between healthy and unhealthy food – part two


What nutrients do you have to listen to in healthy food?

The food should be rich in iron to avoid anemia. Calcium is very important for bones, muscle tissue and fragility prevention, so make certain to eat a chunk of cheese or drink a glass of milk to strengthen your teeth and body. fruit crush mustn’t have plenty of sugar and may be sweetened with honey, which distinguishes healthy foods from harmful ones. Protein helps growth, and foods should be rich in protein like chicken, meat, eggs and fish. Prepare vegetables and fruits between meals as snacks, so you’ll be able to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. you must drink enough water to avoid dehydration. you’ll eat some nuts as a natural fat.

healthy food ideas

Berries: Berries are one among the favourite fruits for adults and kids, as they assist strengthen the system and contain a range of vitamins and minerals. Pasta: Pasta is loved by teenagers because it contains useful nutrients, and there are many forms which will be a perfect meal.

What makes food unhealthy?

The way food is ready and also the varieties of ingredients it contains make it unhealthy, because sodium, sugar, saturated fat, and trans fats are the most ingredients people must always concentrate to once they move out for grocery shopping. The American Heart Association recommends that saturated fats be controlled at but 7% of somebody’s daily calories, and unsaturated fats should be controlled at but 1% of a human daily calories.

A complete list of unhealthy foods

The World Health Organization has developed a listing of unhealthy foods, and also the list includes the following:

1- Mostly unsaturated fats

This type of unsaturated fat appears in sweets, like crackers and dried fruits in cakes. So do pies found in victuals, popcorn made in pots, foods prepared in an exceedingly microwave, and frozen meats. Since all of those types provide the chassis with over 5 grams of fat, and also the organic structure only needs one gram of fat, this makes the fat settle within the body, especially within the back and abdomen.

2- Foods rich in fructose

Studies have proven that fructose may be a cheap and easy-to-use substance to store any food, which fructose is added to processed cornstarch food, and thus the sugar in any food turns into fructose, and a few believe it’s harmless.

3- Foods rich in glutamate

The most common monosodium-containing foods are packaged potato chips, fried foods, and packaged food. this sort of substance supplies the body with an outsized amount of fat that’s deposited within the arteries and therefore the body, and it may also cause a heart failure.

4- Foods rich within the mineral sodium

As we all know sodium is salt, once you eat foods rich in salt, this ends up in the body retaining fluid in it and damaging the kidneys and liver.

5- Foods rich in calories

The most common example of this kind of food is pasta, where the famous spices and chocolate are added to the food.

6- Foods rich in carbohydrates

As we all know, the physical structure needs carbohydrates, but the permissible daily amount is just 130 grams. But if the proportion exceeds the utmost permissible level, the amount of sugar within the blood will rise, and as a results of the subsequent reasons, people may suffer from diabetes and carbohydrates enter the build with a high percentage of those compounds.

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