Healthy and unhealthy food – part two


Healthy and unhealthy food :- part two

The issue of healthy and unhealthy food is one in every of the important issues, which we must study and know what are its causes and consequences, and a few solutions that we must make to safeguard ourselves from negative consequences for us.

Diseases caused by unhealthy food for the body

There are many serious diseases that may afflict an individual as a results of eating unhealthy food, including cardiopathy, and this will occur when triglycerides that settle within the wall of the center are increased. Or every artery within the heart, which may infect the individual with heart condition, especially heart attacks, or strokes, thanks to the amounts of unsaturated fats that are concentrated within the wall of the guts. Another symptom, not a bit harm likewise, is obesity within the body, and this is often when some people tend to constantly eat fried food and food yet and cause excessive weight gain. Also, fried food and food contain carbohydrates, proteins and triglycerides that are difficult to burn or get eliminate completely from the body, so we should always reduce food and fried foods.

Digestive problems within the body

From scientific studies, we found that some spices from curry or hot pepper, which many folks use in cooking, are serious causes of diseases within the systema digestorium, including irritation of the stomach lining. These spices, spices and hot peppers must be utilized in moderation in foods to avoid diseases. Studies have shown that Thailand and India spread among their population diseases of the systema digestorium and stomach cancer due to the spices.

Diseases caused by unhealthy food for the body

Among the diseases resulting from unhealthy foods are dental diseases, and as we all know that one amongst the kinds of unhealthy foods for the body are sugars, and eating lots of them will cause damage to the teeth. Among the diseases that affect the teeth, including caries and bacteria round the teeth, while the individual is familiar with eating snacks and plenty of sweetened industrial drinks, the teeth can become ulcers. These diseases are associated with sugars and teeth, a number of which don’t have any effective treatment. We must watch out when consuming sugars and sweetened drinks because this can be dangerous for people and their healthy healthy lives.

Types of foods that aren’t saturated with fats for the body

The first type is foods rich in fructose, and studies have shown that fructose is one among the simple and cheap materials for preserving foods, and it’s added to cornstarch in preservation. one among the characteristics of fructose is that the conversion of sugar into fructose, and a few examples are all sweetened soft drinks, ketchup, and therefore the hatred of foods employed in diet and fitness practiced by some. Foods rich in jelly, and these are foods with unsaturated fats further, and samples of these foods with monosodium, which are packaged chips, fried food, and packaged food. These foods extend the body with plenty of fats that are difficult to burn completely from the body, in order that they find no place but stability on the arteries and therefore the heart, and when eating this constantly, the individual suffers a sudden pathology. Foods rich in sodium and potassium, and this is often another sort of foods that don’t seem to be saturated with fat, and a well known example is salt because eating foods with a high salt content helps to retain them within the body. Which helps to retain fluids inside the body and this causes great damage to the kidneys, and also their failure to function properly and the liver furthermore. Among the known foods are sorts of cheese, pizza and snacks.

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