Public Health Part Two


Mental Health

One should think about positive things. keep one’s hands off from thoughts or opinions that cause frustration. keep one’s eyes off from psychological pressures, which greatly overburden the mind. taking note to social relationships, because they need a really big impact on human health, and work to extend psychological state.

The Importance of Health in Human Life

There is little doubt that health is a vital thing in a very person’s life, and one amongst the foremost important things that show us the importance of health for someone is: someone who enjoys physiological state has the power to profit himself, his community and his family, but an individual who suffers from diseases makes him unable to steer his life normally. A healthy one who doesn’t get diseases, and this is often due to his concern for his health, saves himself the high costs of shopping for medicines and visiting hospitals.

Factors affecting Health

It is worth noting that health has factors that affect it, the foremost important of which are:
Factors related to human customs, traditions and behaviors. the sort of job and work an individual does. human age. human gender. genetics.

Environmental Factors

social environment. cultural environment. natural environment. biological environment.
Disease causing factors
chemical agents. physical factors. psychological factors. live factors. functional problems.

Health Levels

Where there are levels of health normally, namely: ideal health, which is supposed by the planet Health Organization, which is rare. Positive health is what’s meant by the positive things that help an individual to resist diseases, and to face psychological pressures and physical and social influences, without affecting the person or causing him any harm. Average health, which is supposed to equal the negative factors, still because the positive factors, and therefore the person appears to be healthy, but when exposed to any reasonably disease, he falls easily. The apparent disease is that the disease that shows its signs and symptoms remarkably. An invisible disease, which implies a disease that doesn’t show any of the symptoms or signs temporarily, but when the disease invades the body, the symptoms appear clearly.

General Health Advice

Be sure to eat almonds between meals, because this compensates for what the body has lost from nutrients. Walking should be practiced for a minimum of half an hour, and this helps to cut back the incidence of carcinoma for girls, and also helps to induce eliminate excess weight, and also helps to stimulate blood circulation. Care must be taken to chew food well before swallowing it, especially vegetables, because this ends up in a high percentage of chemicals that embark of vegetables, and helps to resist cancer diseases. you ought to not take coffee hot, and leave it until it cools, because this helps protect against cancer, especially cancer of the mouth and esophagus.

Where are Health Services Provided ?

The Ministry of Health and Government Insurance provides free health services to treat the people at no charge. The sectors also provide the private hospitals in our country with 24-hour health services for citizens. On a bigger scale, international organizations altogether countries abroad provide all health services to citizens.
Paying attention to health makes an individual happier, and makes him enjoy the life that he was created, but the unfortunate person sees him anxious, sad and depressed, thanks to the disease he suffers from, and this affects his psychological health, and he doesn’t feel happy and comfy in life,

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