Public Health


Public Health

It is worth noting that the state features a very big role in achieving a healthy environment for the individual, by providing the mandatory medical and health services to the community normally, and to the individual particularly. These services work on early diagnosis of the disease and supply appropriate treatment for this disease.

The Importance of Health Care

There is little question that the supply of fine health care and also the necessary procedures that are through the Health Care Directorate and every one its affiliated institutions, and this helps to lift the amount of health normally, and also the importance of health care is as follows: early detection of the disease, and finding appropriate treatment before any complications occur for this disease. Severe look after children, and supply them with the mandatory vaccinations in childhood, which help them lead a healthy life with none diseases. Attention to preserving the environment from pollutants, also as preserving the health and safety of water from pollution, because polluted water is that the basis of all diseases that occur in our time. concentrate to the health of pregnant women, and supply them with important advice during pregnancy.

Health Care items

As health care has basics and elements, the foremost important of which are: good and healthy education. Striving to combat all endemic diseases. Prevention of highly prevalent diseases at this age. Seeking to produce appropriate treatment for the disease. Work to conserve water from widespread pollutants.

The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Human Health

Because of the radioactive contamination that results from activating uranium, which results in fetal abnormalities, further as birth defects, because of the woman’s exposure to radiation from nuclear reactors and power plants. Soil pollution also encompasses a major role in human health, as polluted agricultural soil causes some diseases and affects the system, and these pollutants also cause liver failure, and air pollution also has an effect on human health, because of the hydrogen imbalance in soil and water. The emergence of the worldwide warming phenomenon, which led to several natural and environmental disasters, which had a severe impact on human health, like the increase in temperature on the surface of the world, and also the melting of ice. the shortage of agricultural land led to a rise within the proportion of dioxide, and a decrease in oxygen, which is vital within the breathing process, and thus, thanks to this problem, it led to serious diseases within the system.

Types of Health

Where health is split into many sections, and every of them affects one another, and therefore the most vital styles of health and the way to take care of it are as follows:

Physical Health

Ensure good nutrition, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins, fats, and sugars. Attention to potable continuously, and in large quantities, because the cells of the body need water, so as to perform their various functions. Attention to exercise, because it helps the activity of blood circulation, and also helps blood to succeed in all parts of the body. Adequate sleep should be enjoyed, because adequate rest for the body makes it more active and able to perform its various tasks, but fatigue and staying up late may greatly affect the body, and might cause many various diseases. Paying close attention to general and private hygiene, and this helps protect the body from viruses and microbes, which have a task within the spread of the many diseases.

Psychological Health

it’s the nourishment of the soul, and therefore the expansion of the breasts, and luxury and happiness, which are prayer and worship. On the contrary, committing taboos and sins may cause an individual psychological diseases of worry, sadness and depression. Psychological stress, which negatively affects psychological state, must be avoided. When negative energy accumulates inside the anatomy, it should cause many mental illnesses. Work must be done to alter the daily system of life, and this also encompasses a role within the mental illnesses that someone afflicts, because the boredom in a very person’s life because of routine makes him more prone to mental state.

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