The Best Treatment For Arthritis


The Best Treatment For Arthritis

Arthritis could be a disease that affects many folks, especially the elderly, because it causes them plenty of pain and also the inability to maneuver and walk for periods of your time.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis may be a disease of the joints like the palms of the hands and knees, within which a part of the spine enters. the foremost common sorts of arthritis are autoimmune disease and osteoarthritis, and also the most vital symptoms are pain and stiffness within the joints. There are less common kinds of arthritis that occur because of the presence of other medical problems such as: Psoriasis is thought as a disease, but it can affect the joints. Lupus also affects the joints, lungs, and kidneys. If you notice that these diseases don’t have anything to try to to with the bones, but they need a robust impact on them.

Arthritis Symptoms

Severe, unbearable pain that goes away for a brief period of your time. and so it comes back stronger than before, permeating the joints, especially the areas of the knee and arms. a sense of stiffness within the joints and therefore the inability to maneuver, walk and do simple daily tasks. Swelling and swelling, especially within the feet, additionally to redness and inability to maneuver them. Other symptoms of arthritis resulting from its effect on another parts of the body, we are going to mention to you as follows: Fever, high vital sign, and hot bones. Feeling of exhaustion and general fatigue within the body and therefore the inability to maneuver. the looks of a rash everywhere the body or in some parts of it. Severe weight loss and fatigue. Shortness of breath and plenty of other associated problems. Dryness within the mouth and eyes.

Causes of arthritis

Arthritis comes with age, and this disease is one among the foremost prominent diseases that include aging. this is often because the body lacks many important vitamins that it has to strengthen bones. we are able to also say that everything includes a period of time, and also the joints and nerves prove that. As an individual gets older, this stuff begin to weaken gradually. so as to clarify to you what happens to the joints once they are inflamed, we are going to mention to you what the joint consists of: Cartilage: This articular cartilage is thought as a tough cover, but with a smooth texture located at the ends of the bones, and its function is to enable the articular cartilage bones to maneuver easily and smoothly. Capsule: it’s called the articular capsule, and it’s a troublesome, tough membrane that encases all parts of the joint. Synovial membrane: it’s a skinny membrane wont to lubricate the joint to facilitate its movement by the action of the secretion that it produces. Accordingly, if a defect or damage occurs to any a part of the joint, it causes inflammation and roughness within the joints moreover.

Types of arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis:

This type of inflammation fights the synovium (the immune system) and causes inflammation, which ends up in pain and redness within the joint. If not diagnosed and treated properly, this inflammation results in cartilage damage and destruction of bone attached to the joint.


If the cartilage is torn and damaged, it leads to the bones wrapping around themselves one on the opposite, causing them to erode together, so pain is felt during movement and hinders it.

Inflammatory disease factors

Joints genetic factor:

There are many arthritis diseases that are caused by the case history, and it’s the rationale for the increased chances of getting this infection quite others. But it must be known that genes don’t have anything to try and do with causing this inflammation. But it increases the sensitivity of things that cause disease and increases the possibilities of infection.

old age:

Aging and aging are among the primary factors that increase the likelihood of developing many varieties of arthritis, of which we mentioned two previously.


Studies have shown that girls are more likely to develop arthritis than men, especially atrophic arthritis, while men are more likely to develop gout.


Excessive weight gain can put pressure on the joints and vertebrae of the bones, especially within the areas of the pelvis, knees and spine. Therefore, it’s preferable to melt off so as to not suffer from arthritis.

Previous injury:

Many people who exercise regularly may suffer lots of injuries while playing, and this makes them more likely to develop arthritis within the same location because the previous injuries.

Best treatment for arthritis

Joint treatment relieves pain, reduces symptoms and improves their ability to function properly. that’s why we’ll mention to you the most effective treatment for arthritis and also the common medicines utilized in it:

First: Drug Treatment

Pain medication:

These medicines are accustomed relieve pain and relieve the remainder of the treatment, but it doesn’t help the treatment and doesn’t affect the inflammation, it’s just analgesic only. And biological medicines: this sort of medication is employed by combining it with other anti-rheumatic drugs to neutralize and control the disease.
Medicines that reduce inflammation:
Such as corticosteroids, which relieve arthritis and treat it.
Anti-stimulant drugs, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and other anti-rheumatic drugs are used until the character of the disease is modified. Among the simplest treatment for arthritis are the following: Derma Corel medicine. and also the drug Rhianst. Atrazol drug. And Otozole. Oramax medication. And Bivarel. Travocort medication. And Travolone. Tracon medicine. And Gyno Pivaril. Gyno Corel medication. And Dakatrin. Dactrin medication. And dermatin. Mycostat medication. And Miragel. Quinine medication. and Clotrex.

Second: operation

Cryotherapy is employed when previous medications aren’t any longer feasible and also the inflammation and pain remain the identical. Because many doctors don’t resort to the current style of surgery until after many other attempts at treatment. The doctor may recommend one in all the subsequent two procedures: joint fusion. Synovectomy.

Third: therapy

Many doctors consult with coping with the condition with therapy before resorting to surgical intervention as a sort of experiment, but this experience isn’t guaranteed and in most cases it doesn’t work, but it’s going to affect some others.

natural therapy:

Physiotherapy helps in treating mild cases of arthritis and certain forms of it without the remainder, because it relieves pain and relieves some, but not all, symptoms.

Doing exercise:

Doing gentle, supervised exercise can strengthen muscles, make movement easier, and reduce joint stiffness.


This treatment is employed by some people, especially herbalists, and it’s used plenty in China, and it’s proven effective in many cases of arthritis.

Electrical nerve stimulation:

This treatment is finished by stimulating the nerves through electrocution through the skin, and this treatment has been around since times of yore.

How to prevent arthritis

Lose weight and don’t overeat foods that contain a high percentage of fats, especially those who are insoluble. this is often so as to not put pressure on the vertebrae and damage it, and to facilitate movement and movement. Practicing light sports that build and strengthen muscles without harming them and are under the care of specialists during this so as to not injure the muscles and rupture. If there’s a rupture or previous damage, it must be treated well with no pressure and weight on the affected part and left until it rests within the treatment and heals completely. Periodic follow-up and examination constantly when the person is over 45 years old, so as to forestall infection with this infection, and if it’s found, it’s treated at its beginning.

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